This session is usually shorter than your first and will last up to 20 minutes, where we will ask a few  more questions regarding your previous visit, how you’ve responded and if you have any questions from your last consultation.
We appreciate that its a lot to take on board, so we do encourage you to ask questions. Those who ask more questions and actively get involved with their sessions generally get better quicker.
Once again, you’ll be asked to change in our private cubicle into appropriate clothes for the session. The exam will be more targeted to discover changes from your previous visit.
Your adjustments will start in this session to get you back on track. Remember there is a process to getting you better, it is not an event. Healing is a process where your body will respond to the therapies given over a duration of time. Contrary to belief, things aren’t necessarily always ‘popped back into place’. We need your body to do some of the work, and this takes time. Your initial Report-of-Findings will usually manage your expectations regrading this process.
After the adjustments, you will be asked to change and taken back to reception for payment and booking your next appointment.
Its always at this point that people want exercises to get better, but it is not always appropriate in the early stages of care. Once you’re pain free and moving correctly, this is when the emphasis of care is switched from the Chiropractor to the patient. The early stages of Chiropractic care is more what we can do for you, rather than what you can do for yourself.