Preventative and Maintenance Chiropractic Care is an integral part of maintaining the progress made in the initial phases of care. We are concerned with improving people’s quality of life by helping strive towards optimum health and wellness.
This can come in the form of regular Chiropractic sessions at regular intervals, or attending the clinic when things start to revert to old habits. It can also be in the form of rehabilitative exercises to get you back in shape. Both aspects are designed to help prevent acute and chronic conditions from re-appearing.
Each patient is given a tailor-made specific program designed around their specific needs, resources, abilities, and limitations in order to meet their own individual targets.
Early detection and resultant correction of any spinal, muscle, ligament, joint or nerve dysfunction may reduce the onset of pain, disability and reduction in activities.
This is why we may recommend ongoing, recurring visits even after an acute problem has resolved and the patient properly rehabilitated. It’s through periodic visitations like these that can help one catch small concerns before they become big ones. Prevention is always better than cure!
Chiropractic preventative and maintenance care relies on an assortment of methods ranging from periodic reevaluation, to education on issues of diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, the mechanics of spinal health, body postures, stress reduction, training in coordination, safety protocols, and modification of lifestyle patterns and personal habits.
Don’t until there’s already a problem, such as pain in the spine, before taking action. Instead act upon smaller symptoms that maybe building up to a more painful and disabling onset of pain.
We appreciate that individuals are dynamic and can be prone to injury, so if you do end up in pain before your preventative or maintenance session we’ll give you the time and appropriate care to get you back doing what you enjoy best. The important thing is not to panic, as help is at hand.