Kerry Hawkins

Massage Therapist at Plymouth

Mutley, Devon Clinic

Kerry Hawkins has been established in Sports, Remedial and Holistic massage since 2006. She believes in a flexible approach to her massage, hence you will receive a tailor-made treatment just for you.

Kerry treats each client as an individual, taking into account factors such as your medical background (past and present), posture, activity levels, training schedules, occupation, stress levels, lifestyle, diet and personality in determining the best course of treatment to ensure your optimal health.

Her treatments are dynamic, constantly changing and adapting. The techniques applied and depth of stroke, are used in direct response to your body’s requirements and your feedback.

Kerry continually improves and develops her skills and knowledge base by keeping up to date with the latest research, qualifications and techniques. She works closely with Holly, Glenn and other specialists, enabling her to continue to offer you a first class service with an effective treatment and refer you, if necessary.

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Kerry - Massage Therapist in Plymouth, Devon
Massage Therapy in Plymouth, Devon