Glenn Winslade

Chiropractor at Plymouth and Saltash


I graduated from my childhood home in sunny Bournemouth at the Anglo-European Chiropractic Clinic in 2008. I immediately began working at the Sherwood Chiropractic Clinic in Nottingham, where I resided for 6 years. Since moving back down South in late 2014, I have become a partner at Back 2 Back Chiropractic Clinic with my old University colleague and ex-house mate, Holly.

The joys of my job come with helping a variety of people that visit the clinic. This not only includes reducing pain, but improving their quality of life by restoring function to injured areas of the body. Whilst preventative care plays an essential role in my management, I’m never happier when reducing peoples aches and pains, and getting them back on track with their lives.

I’ve worked with athletes at many local, national and international sporting events. More recently at the 2012 London Olympic Games, having been chosen to work at Weymouth and Portlands sailing venue, adjusting some of the worlds most elite sailing athletes. I continue to work with Leicester Tigers Rugby, and many elite individual athletes in a variety of fields including kayaking, mixed-martial-arts, football, triathlon and cycling.

Throughout my career I’ve always had a strong interest in the manipulative skills needed to practice Chiropractic. Not only with the application to the spine, but to all joints of the body, especially the extremities such as arms and legs.

Additional to this, I offer an extensive use of tools including dry-needling-technique, massage tools, kinesio-tape, and various other soft-tissue-release techniques. My background prior to Chiropractic was in fitness training, and I’m able to offer physical rehabilitative exercises to compliment the adjustments made in my sessions.

Outside of work I’m able to live an extremely active lifestyle and take-part in a variety of activities including Iron Man distance triathlons, ultra-marathons, cycling (road and mountain biking) and kayaking. My biggest ‘claim to fame’ came in 2013 when I took part in the Marathon des Sables, a 150 mile ultra-marathon in the Sahara desert, Morocco. Stupidly I have not learnt from these rather painful experiences and I’m seeking an equally gruelling task to complete soon. Watch this space….

Glenn Winslade: chiropractor in Plymouth and Saltash
Chiropractic treatment with Glenn Winslade in Plymouth and Saltash