On your initial consultation you will be greeted by our friendly receptionists and asked to complete a short questionnaire regarding your personal details, current condition, and any previous or relevant medical history. Its important to have all this information so we can form an picture of your overall health and wellbeing.
It is also helpful to bring along any prescriptions, X-ray or MRI scan or reports. Additionally, if you are covered by any Health Insurance, please bring any information regarding this, and carefully check before your appointment that you are covered by the insurer.
The initial consultation can take anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour. You’ll be taken through;
  • A thorough history
  • A full health and spinal examination
  • A full discussion and report of findings concerning your presenting complaint and general health and wellbeing
  • An initial treatment and adjustments.
At each stage, we’ll want to know as much about your general health as well as your presenting compliant. its common practice for us to discover other ailments relating to your spine, muscles, ligaments and nerves that you may not know that a Chiropractor can help with.
We also like to know a little about your lifestyle and habits to see if they’re causing your symptoms or affecting your quality of life. Additionally, we like to know a little about your future aspirations and goals, to see how we can help you achieve them. If your lower back pain is stopping you running a marathon, going back to work, or even getting out of bed in the morning, then we want to help you achieve this.
At both our clinics you are given privacy to change in to appropriate attire for your health and spinal examination. You will be given a gown and shorts if you require them for the examination. Your privacy will be respected at all times by our professional staff.
After the case history and examination you will be given your own tailor-made Report-of-Findings. We will spend 10-15 minutes talking you through what we have discovered. It is really important that you as the patient understand what is going on and how we intend to fix it. This will include:
  • Your diagnosis  – What the problem is, and what caused it.
  • Your prognosis  – An estimated timescale to get you better, and achieve your goals.
  • The Plan – What we will do to get you better, and what improvements you are likely to experience both in and out of your sessions.
  • “Any questions?” – At any time during this process, you have the right, and we encourage you to ask questions so that you know what is going on.
At any point during the history or examination if we feel that Chiropractic is not
appropriate for your condition we will advise a course of action, which can be just as important as a Chiropractic session itself. It maybe that you require a scan, an investigation, or a referral back to your GP.
If  treatment is appropraite, we will commence with our adjustments to get you better in that session. It may be that we need more time to diagnose your problem, or come up with an appropriate Plan.
After this, you will be given time to change and taken back to reception to book your follow-up sessions and pay for your session. If you have health insurance we may be
invoicing your insurance company directly depending on your policy.
We hoe this introduction has been useful and we will look forward to welcoming you in person to the clinic. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our reception on 01752 241145.