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Chiropractic treatment in Plymouth, Devon and Saltash, Cornwall

Our highly trained and experienced chiropractors treat a wide variety of people and conditions, but specialise in the treatment of sports injuries and children. Find out more about Chiropractic here.


Chiropractic for children and babies

Holly has a special interest in treating children and babies, with a Masters degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics, with published research and several years’ experience in this field.

Massage Therapy

We have two massage therapists working at our clinics

We have a massage therapist at each clinic, who are able to provide flexible treatments that are tailored to you. Our massage therapists work closely with the chiropractors and we may sometimes recommend that you see both therapists in one session.

Other Techniques

We provide a range of other techniques alongside chiropractic and massage treatments, such as ultrasound, kinesio-taping and dry needling

We use various other techniques such as ultrasound, kinesio-taping and dry needling. Our treatment approach is flexible, choosing the most appropriate techniques for you, and not doing the same treatment time after time.

Free Screenings

If you are unsure if Chiropractic is for you, we would be happy to book you in for a free screening. This is a no-obligation visit where you will be given a brief examination and advice on the best treatment. Obviously no treatment or X-rays will be given, but you will be given an honest opinion on your problem and the Chiropractor will tell you whether they can help you, or not.

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What we treat

Back Pain

Low Back Pain and Associated Symptoms

Low back pain costs the NHS and our society in general millions of pounds every year. The National Health Service spends more than £1 billion per year on back pain related costs. This includes, £512 million on hospital costs for back pain patients, £141 million on GP consultations for back pain, and £150.6 million on Physiotherapy treatments for back pain.

In recent years, early referral for manipulative treatment such as Chiropractic has been recommended by the Government in the NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for preventing a chronic recurring condition in the lower back. Therefore, more and more GPs are being encouraged to recommend a course of Chiropractic care.

Furthermore, pain from the lower back can even refer into the legs as well. Pain can commonly present itself in the buttock, thigh and even as far as the feet and toes. Occasionally pain can present with and without some numbness, or pins and needles into these regions.

Types of Back Pain

Joint Pain: This is often associated with “electric shock” type pains and “sharp twinges” with movements. Commonly with condition a tilt of the spine, either forward or to one side can occur. This can be checked in your mirror, or somebody close to you maybe able to observe this.

Nerve pain from the lower back: This pain typically refers into the leg with little or no back pain at all! The nerve can be trapped by a disc, a bone, muscle or even inflammation.

Disc Injury: A common myth is that acute low back pain is caused by a “slipped disc”. Discs DO NOT just slip or disappear, they ‘bulge’ and when they do, they usually cause leg pain or sciatica.

Muscle Guarding: Whenever you feel pain of any kind, your body’s first reaction is ‘muscle guarding’. The muscles “splint” or immobilise the area where you feel the pain. Prolonged muscle guarding produces a muscle spasm.

Causes of Back Injury

Contrary to belief, lower back pain can be brought on by simple movements. By far the majority of chronic back pain sufferers do not remember a specific incident to start the condition. More often than not, back disorders are the accumulation of months or even years of poor posture, faulty body mechanics, stressful living and working habits, loss of flexibility and a general lack of physical fitness. By middle age, almost everyone has felt some form of back pain.

People suffering with osteo-arthritis (or ‘wear and tear’) are common place at a Chiropractic Practice, and is usually not as bad as it sounds. Osteoarthritis sometimes occurs due to chronic mechanical conditions (affecting the joints, muscle, ligaments and tendons), causing recurrent ‘wear and tear’ stresses to a specific area. It occurs in most people as we get older and usually responds very well to Chiropractic treatment.

Elbow Pain

Our Chiropractors will always include a full assessment of the neck and upper back as a potential cause for elbow pain. A host of symptoms can indicate that elbow pain may be originating from the spine. When people experience a pain or pins and needles in the elbow (or both elbows), or neck or shoulder movement reproduces pain further down the arm, there could be a possibility the neck is the main culprit.

However, as much as pain can refer down the arm from the neck, it can also refer up from the wrist and fingers, depending on the cause of the problem.

Repetitive strain injuries at the elbow can cause a significant amount of localised pain over a period of time. You don’t have to play tennis to have a tennis elbow (lateral elbow pain), and you certainly don’t have to play golf to have golfers elbow (medial elbow pain). Repetitive use of your wrists and forearms (such as using tools, playing sports or typing) can cause an overload of the tendons which inserts into the outside and/or inside of the elbow. This can be excruciatingly painful and people often present with severe weakness of the affected arm.

Whatever the injury to the elbow, the Chiropractor will tell you what is happening and advise a treatment plan that will entail a holistic approach to correcting the cause of the problem and any associated symptoms, so the elbow will heal in the quickest possible time.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Often, pain in the foot is not coming from the foot at all! The low back can refer pain into the foot along the large nerves in the leg. This is often associated with pins and needles or numbness.

Problems within the foot can cause a multitude of problems from the knees to the spine. Because the foot is the “base” on which we stand and walk, it can cause major compensations higher up when things go wrong.

Sometimes Orthotics (insert or arch support) may be necessary to address the problems in the foot.

Sprained ankles have a tendency to recur as a ligament once damaged will be weak and prone to further injury.

All these injuries can respond well to Chiropractic care, but expect some hard work on your behalf with home exercises and rehabilitate measures.

Headache originating from the Neck

Headaches are a very common symptom and unfortunately most people think they have to live with them. A lot of headaches actually originate from a problem with the upper part of the neck. This will often cause pain from the back of the skull over the top of the head and/or behind or over the eyes. The pain is ‘tight’ and like a ‘vice’ rather than throbbing.

Tension in the shoulders for example caused by stress, can develop into a headache – usually called a ‘tension headache’.

Migraines are by definition caused by the blood vessels in the brain contracting and expanding. The contraction can cause disturbed vision such as flashing lights as well as nausea and sickness. This is termed the ‘aura’ and usually comes before the actual headache which is often throbbing and can be very severe. Migraines have lots of ‘triggers’ such as food, stress, and tiredness, but a lot of patients with migraines also suffer ‘normal’ headaches. These can then be another migraine trigger, and we do see a lot of people, whose frequency and severity of their migraines reduce significantly with Chiropractic care.

Treament is usually directed to the neck and shoulders. It is often reported by people after our adjustments, “why didn’t I come here sooner!”.

Hip & Groin Pain

Apart from a specific injury or an arthritic hip joint, most pains in the hip or groin are caused by a mechanical problem elsewhere in the body. This will usually be from the lower back or pelvis, but can be from the knee or even the foot.

Recurring groin and hamstring strains are common in sports people (especially footballers), and a twisted or rotated pelvis is often the root problem, which causes a weakness and an overload of the muscles and tendons in the groin.

Pain in this area often makes walking very difficult and people often “seize up” if they have been sitting for too long. If a chronic groin or hip problem is not treated it will usually causes problems with the lower back as the patients start to adapt the way they walk.

Knee Pain

As with all the joints in the lower limb, knee pain is often caused by problems elsewhere, usually the low back, hip or foot.

It can be caused by arthritis, and is one of the most common sporting injuries. Knee pain patients often struggle to walk especially on stairs (and very often worse going down the stairs!). Some swelling may occur on the knee, which indicates an inflammation within the joint.

A torn cartilage can be the cause, often associated with a locking or clicking of the knee, but usually it is the other soft tissues around the knee which are the problem. Ligaments, tendons and muscles are all working very hard to keep the knee stable, and they can injure if loaded wrongly.

Neck Pain

When the joints, muscles or ligaments in the neck do not function normally, a whole host of symptoms may appear. Nerves exiting the neck can become irritated and cause pain and pins and needles into the arms, legs, and even face causing headaches.

Commonly neck pain and stiffness are early signs. This “tension” is often described by people as “normal” and something they have to live with.

The day-to-day stresses and strains of living can even contribute to neck pain. A vicious cycle can then start to occur. When stiffness develops, the individual feels pain and he or she moves less and less to avoid the pain. This then causes more weakness and stiffness to develop, which in turn actually makes the pain worse.

Because of the long standing nature of many neck disorders, the problem may seem to be overwhelming. However, the good news is that most neck problems are unnecessary and can be managed effectively with simple advice and Chiropractic care.

Whilst it is true that some neck problems are the result of a physical injury, most are the result of the cumulative effects of:

  • Poor posture
  • Faulty body mechanics
  • Stressful living and working conditions and habits
  • Gradual loss of flexibility
  • General decline of physical fitness

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is very complex and has muscles attaching to it which originates as far away as the lower back. Many shoulder conditions occur because of a gradual overload on the shoulder, because of a malfunction of other areas. In these cases the Chiropractor often finds problems in the neck and upper back and it is vital that these areas are treated to allow the shoulder to heal properly.

Pain in the shoulder is often associated with restricted movement. This is usually noticed in men when putting a jacket on, or in women when fastening their bra. A frozen shoulder is often diagnosed, and is an inflammation of the capsule around the shoulder joint, which causes the joint to “stick”.

It is sometimes from an actual injury, but often starts for no apparent reason.

Tendonitis of the shoulder muscles can also be caused by either an actual injury (sports injuries are very common) or by a gradual, repetitive strain.

Whatever the injury to the shoulder, the Chiropractor will tell you why it is happening and treat all the areas involved, so the shoulder will heal in the quickest possible time.

Sports Injuries

Glenn is our Chiropractor who has a special interest in working with Sports Injuries, and improving function and performance in athletes. He has experience in adjusting athletes from recreational swimmers, runners, triathletes to world class martial artists, footballers, sailors and rugby players.

His experience has seen him work closely with international Mixed-Martial-Artists (MMA), Leicester Tigers Rugby (still to this day, despite geographical location), and at the London 2012 Olympics working with the International athletes at the Sailing Village, Weymouth and Portland.

Sporting sprains and strains often make there way into the clinic. A sprain occurs when one or more of your ligaments have been stretched, twisted or torn, usually as a result of excessive force being applied to a joint. A strain occurs when muscle fibres stretch or tear. They usually occur when the muscle has been stretched beyond its limits or it has been forced to contract (shorten) too quickly.

So if you’re experiencing one of the above from your sporting pursuit, then Glenn will look forward to seeing you soon, and getting you back on track!

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